This post is short – as I feel it can be said in just a few paragraphs.

There seems to be more and more lifters in gyms wrapping up these days – and using wrist wraps in the WRONG way.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the benefit of using them, and believe they are a beneficial tool to push more weight – however, when guy’s (and girls) are using them for EVERY SINGLE SET – INCLUDING WARMUPS during training, this is doing absolutely nothing for you and your strength. You’re making yourself WEAKER by using a crutch.

I believe if you’re a new lifter, wrist wraps should only be used for maximal attempts (85%+).

Our body will adapt to the stresses we place upon it – meaning that if you’re trying to increase your bench and your wrists are hurting as the weight gets heavier, you need to grow a pair and push through this uncomfortable feeling, NOT make it easier by putting wrist wraps on. Eventually your body will get used to the weight and your wrists, forearms, and hands will grow and get stronger.

You want a bench press like this?:


You’re not gonna get it with arms like this:


Do yourself a favor and ditch the wrist wraps.




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