November 24, 2020

I want to take the next few weeks to focus on some of the things people don’t see with owning a gym, and right now to give an update as to where Torque stands through all the covid closures. I’ve been a gym owner for over 10 years so my goal is to give some hope and inspiration to other people who are battling.

So far this year we’re coming up on 8 months total being closed. It’s been both a blessing and a source of stress. It’s been a blessing because I’ve got to spend time with my newborn daughter and pregnant wife, as well as focus on some personal projects. It’s been stressful because of the obvious financial and mental stress of having employees, staff, and hundreds of members counting on us to re open. But through stress comes growth.

What I’ve come to realize over the years is that if we focus on the things we can’t control, we’ll be consumed by negativity and not progress forward.

The gym being closed is out of my control, and I’m not about to open, only to get hit with a $100,000 fine then have to deal with fighting a lawsuit when they do let us open. How would my business grow and improve if I’m preoccupied with lawyers and all the bullshit that surrounds a lawsuit? Instead I’ve put my focus on building things that will produce income down the road. These are projects that don’t have immediate financial return, but will bring income tenfold in the future.

To everyone saying how we should revolt the government and open up, fight the system, covid is a hoax..etc. Thanks for the advice. Maybe you’ll think differently when you own something and have obligations in the millions. There’s a reason why most business owners with years of experience aren’t opening “to make a stand”.

I’ve had numerous financial setbacks into the hundreds of thousands and more sleepless nights than I can count. You gotta weather the storm. It’s very rare that a business explodes and takes off overnight. It takes years of work.

You can’t quit. You can’t let off the gas. You have to open up the box of ideas and start hammering away. Put things in place so when you reopen you’ll do it with a bang.

This will end, and we will grow from it.


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