Lets get straight to the point. I don’t take 100’s of clients and spend 5 minutes a week on each person. I work with a small number of people to ensure you get the service and attention that you’re looking for. My focus is to build great relationships and get great results


With my 1 on 1 coaching plans, we work together to ensure you make continued progress and get results. I handle your nutrition, training program, supplements, and additional details. All you need to do is follow the plan and give 100%.

8 Week Power Jacked

This is the program you need if you want serious gains and get strong, jacked, and find your rhythm in the gym.
Built off the basics of training and nutrition, this program combines proven methods from years of bodybuildng, powerlifting, and athletics.
You’ll be using barbells, dumbbells, machines, and cardio – while incorporating the basic principles of nutrition which include whole foods, vegetables and fruits, as well as carb cycling.
You’ll have daily protein, carbohydrate, and fat requirements, with a meal plan designed to optimize and accelerate your training goals.
This is 8 weeks of intense training, strict nutrition, and 1 on 1 coaching guidance. Many people continue with me beyond 8 weeks to ensure the gains keep coming.
Includes: Weekly Check-Ins & Coaching, Personalized Meal Plan, Supplement Guide, On-going Support.

8 weeks of coaching: $350

Program only: $130  $69

12 Week Pure Shred

Want to get ripped and shredded? This is 12 weeks of serious dieting, training, and cardio. Follow the plan and get to single digit bodyfat %.
3 months until you’re in the best shape of your life. Everything is laid out from nutrition, to training and cardio, to supplements, and more.
I will guide you through these next 3 months using carb cycling as your nutrition protocol, and basic barbell, dumbbell, and machine exercises to accelerate your fat loss.
When your training program and nutrition plan are designed to work alongside eachother, your results come even faster.
Includes: Weekly Check-In & Coaching, Personalized Meal Plan, Supplement Guide, On-going Support

12 weeks of coaching: $450

Program only: $130  $69


These are the same training programs that have produced world champions, professional athletes, incredible body transformations, and sustainable lifestyle changes.
* These programs are a one-time purchase that do not include coaching.



I help trainers and aspiring gym owners grow their business and take the next steps in their career.
I’ve built a business from literally the back of my truck – into a 7000sq ft world class training facility. I’ve had ups and downs, and spent money on products and advertising that had no financial return. I dropped out of school to pursue a passion, which ultimately led me to an amazing career in fitness and health.
  • Skype Phone Call: $100
    • We’ll discuss where you’re at, where you want to be, and what you need to do to bridge that gap. From social media, to websites, to business cards and promotional flyers.
    • I’ll give you actionable items you can use right away to grow your business.
  • 2 Week Mentoring Program: $1500+tax
I’ve also put together a guide on how to build a profitable and successful personal training career. A career that could lead to earning over $100,000+ per year while sharing your passion for fitness and health.

Contact me and lets get your business moving on the right track!