I specialize in helping people make incredible body transformations, improve strength, get jacked, get healthy, and get serious results. If you’re ready to work hard and commit to the plan, get started below.
This isn’t some cookie cutter program, this is tried, tested, and proven methods that produce serious results. This is premium coaching from a strength coach who’s been helping people for over a decade.

Client Transformations



Let me guide you to achieve serious gains in your physique and strength performance with 1 on 1 coaching.

8 Week Power Jacked

Build a powerful physique and MASSIVE strength.
This is the program you need if you want serious gains and get strong, jacked, and find your rhythm in the gym.

8 weeks of coaching: $350

Program only: $130  $69

12 Week Pure Shred

Want to get ripped and shredded? This is 12 weeks of serious dieting, training, and cardio. Follow the plan and get to single digit bodyfat %.

12 weeks of coaching: $450

Program only: $130 $69


These are the same training programs that have produced world champions, professional athletes, incredible body transformations, and sustainable lifestyle changes.
* These programs are a one-time purchase that do not include coaching.

“There is no substitute for hard work”


I’m an ordinary guy that gives extraordinary effort.

I dropped out of school and built a business that has spanned a decade and helped thousands of people in their fitness and health journey.

I’m a gym owner, strength coach, and professional powerlifter. I’ve competed at the World Championships, I’ve set records and won competitions. I lead by example and have helped 1000’s of people in their fitness and health journey.

I’m a father and husband, and all around hard worker.

Join me as an online client or in the gym and let me guide you to amazing results.

-Dan Petkovsek