What is Flexible Dieting?

cac58264-16ef-4439-af51-4e71a566895d_1-303be2af9801047b84102e79b4624761 This morning I decided to take a day off from my usual Oats, Egg Whites, and Peanut Butter, and take in something I enjoy (a nice bowl of cereal). I figured I would show an example of Flexible Dieting or "Macro Counting" for those who may be confused about how to incorporate it with their eating. (more…)

By Dan Petkovsek, ago

TORQUE 3 Day Workout Program

torque-136 Ready to get back into your fitness routine? Need a change from your old program? Give our 3 day Full Body program a try. With a mix of strength, cardio, hypertrophy (muscle building), and intervals - You'll be sure to see some awesome results. This is an intermediate training program - meaning if you're a beginner, work your way up to this workout. These are big workouts - so to save time, we encourage super sets. Example: 1st exercise on back (Seated Cable Row) + 1st exercise shoulders (DB Shoulder Press). (more…)

By Dan Petkovsek, ago