This morning I decided to take a day off from my usual Oats, Egg Whites, and Peanut Butter, and take in something I enjoy (a nice bowl of cereal).

I figured I would show an example of Flexible Dieting or “Macro Counting” for those who may be confused about how to incorporate it with their eating.

My usual breakfast:

1 1/3 cups Red Mill Gluten Free Oats – 400cal – 15g protein – 60g carb – 8g fat
1 cup egg whites – 120cal – 28g protein – 0 carb – 0 fat
1tbsp All Natural Peanut Butter – 90cal – 4g protein – 1g carb – 7g fat

Totals: 610cal – 47g protein – 61g carb – 15g fat

Today’s breakfast:

1 cup egg whites – 120cal – 28g protein – 0 carb – 0 fat
1/2 scoop chocolate protein – 45cal – 9g protein – 2g carb – 0 fat
3 cups frosted flakes – 360cal – 2g protein – 90g carb – 0 fat
2 cups milk (2.5%) – 200cal – 18g protein – 24g carb – 5g fat

Totals: 725cal – 57g protein – 116g carb – 5g fat

The goal of “flexible dieting” is to allow the individual to eat what they want, while ensuring they stay within their macro nutrient range. It means you can stray from your boring every day diet, to mix it up and consume some of the foods you enjoy.

Now something to understand – today’s breakfast has more carbs (more sugar which is not desirable), slightly higher protein, but much lower fat. This means i’ll have to adjust my meals for the rest of the day to ensure at the end of the day, my totals are the same.

My goal right now is to keep fats at or below 60g, and carbs around 450g per day. Protein around 310g per day.

The easiest way to determine how the rest of your meals will look is to adjust ONE meal, and leave the rest the same. For example, I would take 50g carbs out of meal 4, as I had 50g extra at breakfast. But to be honest, I probably wont because carbs are good, and I trained deadlifts today so the extra carbs are needed.

I hope that gives you a real example of how you can change a meal and still stay within the same macro nutrient range.

Let me know if you have any questions,





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