Torque Barbell 8-Week Charity Weight Loss Challenge

Cash Prizes and Free One-Month Gym Memberships to be Won!!

The eating fest is over and Spring is just around the corner! Time to shed those unwanted pounds!

Join the Torque Barbell 8-Week Charity Weight Loss Challenge starting on Monday, January 12th, 2015. Cash prizes will be awarded for the 1st place male and female (scoring is based on percentage of body weight loss from starting weight). The 2nd place male and female will receive a one-month free membership at the gym. A portion of the money will also be donated to the Sick Kids Foundation.

Contest dates: Monday, January 12th to Tuesday, March 10th, 2015.


Registration fee: $25 per person.

All participants must register at the gym and weigh-in by Tuesday, January 13th.

Deadline to register and FIRST WEIGH-IN:

Monday, January 12th or Tuesday, January 13th between 6 am and 10 pm


Monday, March 9th or Tuesday March 10th between 6 am and 10 pm.

Contest Rules: All participants must weigh-in at the gym every Monday or Tuesday between 6 am and 10 pm and have their weight verified and recorded by a staff member. (In order to be eligible to win the prize money, you must weigh-in on the final day and can only miss 2 weigh-ins during the contest period). Participants must have a valid gym membership to participate.

The male and female who lose the biggest percentage of their body weight by Tuesday, March 10th will be awarded 1st prize. Prizes will also be awarded to the 2nd place male and female. The final cash prize amount is based on the number of people participating.

1st prize – 75% of the total money collected (split between 2 winners – male and female)

2nd prize – free one-month membership at the gym

Charity Donation: 25% of the total collected will be donated to the Sick Kids Foundation.


Weekly results will be posted on Torque Barbell’s Facebook page and final results will be posted and cash awarded on Wednesday, March 11th. (Only percentage losses will be posted, not actual weight).

Each participant will receive a sample healthy diet plan at registration.

Let’s encourage each other to get fit, healthy and into your best shape ever at Torque Barbell by March! You might also win the prize money and be richer too!

Bring your friends to participate and work out at Torque!! (We are offering a Special New Year’s rate for new members of $99 for 3 months (plus HST).

The challenge is on!! Good luck!

Please send an email to memberships@torquebarbell.com if you have any questions or would like to put your name on the registration list.

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