The Secret: Work hard every day, lift heavy weights, do lots of reps, do your cardio, and eat well.

I’ve competed as a Pro athlete, and competed in powerlifting for over 13 years. I’ve won the National Championships twice, and finished top 5 at the World Championships and USA National Championships. I played football and trained to be athletic, strong, and fast.

I’ve held multiple records, including a Canadian All-Time Deadlift Record, and won “Best Overall Lifter” awards at numerous competitions.

I’ve trained pro athletes, fitness competitors, weight loss clients, and general fitness enthusiasts.

I have over 10 years experience working with clients and getting results.

I train 4 clients per day in the gym, and work with a small number of online clients each month. My programs are effective, proven, simple, and results driven.

To work with me online or in the gym, please fill out the form below. Due to a high volume of online training requests, I ask that you fill out the form completely and as accurately as possible so I can confirm your intent.

I’ve also created a number of programs and guides to help you build muscle, lose fat, and get strong. Whether it’s powerlifting, general strength training, athletics, or my “4 Week Get Shredded” program – you will get the results you’re looking for.

Here’s what some of my clients are saying

“After getting started on one of Dan’s training programs, along with his dedicated style of training, I was able to push myself and attain results that I did not think possible (lost 125lbs). He tailored the workouts to my personal fitness level, and I look forward to every session. Even after flipping a huge tire 80 times, I still enjoy myself.” – Tom Ashby



“Dan’s training has become an important part to my development and my summer training. Our training program is intense and covers all aspects of conditioning. It’s a good feeling going into training camp ready to perform and that’s what Dan has given me.” – Daniel Pettersson – Professional Hockey Player



“With the help from Dan and TORQUE Training I witnessed my most successful strength, speed and explosion gains to date in my Professional Career. Playing pro football is all about speed and explosion and you can see how effective this training is when I can clear a 56″ tire. We put in the work to dominate on the field.” – Tyler Scott – Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)


Past Clients and Athletes I’ve Worked With