So you’re ready to take your training to the next level and get jacked and strong. This is the program you need.

I’ll be coaching you the entire 8 weeks to achieve real strength and an awesome physique.

You’ll be lifting heavy on the main lifts, and be pushing moderate to high reps on your accessory and hypertrophy exercises.

When you combine heavy lifting with muscle building techniques like drop sets and triple supersets, you’ll get mind blowing muscle pumps and build REAL RAW POWER.

Get back the muscle you’ve lost from skipping workouts.

Unlock “grown man strength” and build power.

Transform your physique and lose the “dad bod”. We see way too many men these days with bigger waists than shoulders. Too many men that are tied to a desk and can’t get out of the funk. This is where you start.

Get your body in gear and start kicking ass!!


For the entire 8 weeks, you’ll have access to me and my private online coaching. We’ll have weekly check-ins and weekly contact to make sure you’re staying on the path to gains.

  • Personalized meal plan
  • Private online coaching
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Supplement guide
  • Nutrition guide
  • On-going support

  1. After your payment, you’ll receive your training program and all welcome package documents.
  2. In your welcome package you’ll see a food journal that you’ll fill out your past 3 days of eating so I can determine your total calorie intake.
  3. I will provide you with a sample meal plan as well as macronutrient breakdown personalized to your current intake.
  4. You will send me your starting measurements for bodyweight, inches, and 1 rep maxes or starting weights if you’re unsure of your maxes.
  5. We’ll check in weekly to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.
  6. Constant contact with video technique, updates on mood, energy, strength, and overall well-being.

I’ve been training people since 2009, that’s over 11 years. I’ve tried as many programs as you can count and put people on a long list of different nutrition plans.

In 2014 I competed at the World Powerlifting Championships and saw what all the best lifters in the world were doing. We all trained similar, but where I really noticed the top guys stood out was their physique. They were some of the strongest men in the world, but they were also JACKED AS HELL.

These guys were ripped and shredded!!

I learned real quick from these guys (Team Russia, Finland, USA..etc) that they were mostly all on a form of carb cycling. This allowed them to be ripped, and powerful.

I immediately went on to learn as much as I could about carb cycling for strength athletes and started using it with my clients. We started seeing crazy results, and never looked back.

This is exactly what this program is. It’s a strength building program, combined with a carb cycling nutrition plan, and additional cardio workouts. The result is nothing short of amazing.


$350 or $189/monthly

I know this program works because I’ve used it with my clients, and used it myself. It’s produced results time over time and I stand behind my programs 100%, which is why if you’ve done everything on the program but you’re unhappy with your results, I’ll give you your money back.