Let’s grow your gym or personal training career

I help trainers and gym owners grow their business to take the next steps and make more money. I am not selling a cookie-cutter program. I am a gym owner. I am a coach. I am a mentor with over 13 years experience owning and running a gym and I will coach you through every aspect of growing your business.

I will teach you:

  • How to make money while you’re away from the gym and hire trainers to get paid for every hour they work.
  • How to have an online store and make money while you sleep.
  • Why you need systems and teach your trainers/staff how to use these systems.
  • How to implement structure and leadership in your business.
  • Work with you to create a vision and business plan to execute your vision.

I started as an indpendent personal trainer working out of the back of my truck and using peoples homes and parks as my training space. I grew my clientele, hired trainers, opened a gym, and turned it into a million dollar a year business. I had no investors, no money to fall back on, and ZERO business education or experience. Hard work and commitment is what built my gym and career, and I will use my experiences to help you build your training business or gym facility to be profitable and lead you to a life you love.

I’ve had ups and downs, successful launches and failed programs. Fall-outs and failed business relationships. Stress of managing the business while trying to keep up my own training, personal growth, and family.

I dropped out of school to pursue a passion, which ultimately led me to an amazing career in fitness and health.
I am not a “guru” with a 7 figure mastermind program or other gimmicky sales pitch.

I own and run a gym with 600 members, 600+ personal training sessions every month, 50 classes, 20+ staff, trainers, and independent trainers, and we host multiple community and charity events every year. I also started a clothing line and online training platform, and I work every day on various aspects of these businesses.

This is all to say: I am living this life every day. I’m in the business and know what you’re experiencing. I know what the current trends are in marketing and advertising for gyms and personal trainers, manage our payroll, advertising campaigns, websites, procedures, and oversight of the business. I have changed our systems and procedures many times, but have always stayed true to my vision of the gym.

My coaching is engaged, positive, insightful, and you will be treated with respect. I respect your time, your money, your story, and your business. I will work WITH you to develop your business and help you grow.

Weekly coaching calls via  


Personal Trainer & Gym Owner Business Basics Program: $400/mo

This is for the personal trainer who wants to venture out on their own as an independent trainer and build a business their way. I will teach you how to set up your business, bank accounts, social media platforms, website, business documents, waivers, email signatures, logos, marketing, and more.

I’ll help you identify your ideal clients, market and advertise to them, and convert them into paying clients.

You will receive my Personal Trainer Startup Guide and Actionable Items Checklist. This is everything you need to start your business.

  • Includes 4 Zoom video calls.
4 Week Business Accelerator Program: $1500+tax
  • We’ll discuss where you’re at, where you want to be, and what you need to do to bridge that gap. From social media, to websites, to business cards and promotional flyers.
  • This intensive program is meant for people who are ready to grow their business and are ready to work through my Actionable Guide For a Successful Personal Training Career.
  • Together we will set you on the right path so you can build a successful, sustainable business.
8 Week Business Excellence Program: $4000+tax
  • This is where we look at your business as a whole, you as a person, and work on growth in all areas.
    • Business assessment: branding & differentiation, marketing, money, finances, accounting, operations & systems.
    • Personal assessment: vision for your business, your skills, qualities, personality, and characteristics.
  • With a clear outline of where you’re at, where you want to be, and the current landscape of your business, we can create an action plan to knock items off the list every day and watch your business grow, your personal growth, and thrive as a unit.

No matter which program you choose, I will give you 100%. Full transparency on all aspects and growth strategies for gaining more clients, attracting more members, and growing your business.

I’ve also put together a guide on how to build a profitable and successful personal training career. A career that could lead to earning over $100,000+ per year while sharing your passion for fitness and health.

Contact me and lets get your business moving on the right track!